Welcome. My name is Alex Meijer and I am a front end web developer, currently working for the NOS in Hilversum. Here you'll find my Blog and Lab, or perhaps you're just here to find out more about me.

Happy 2014! New year, new website (and it was about time!)

Latest posts

Sometimes I just like to write about stuff. Mostly it's about things I've simply stumbled upon or recent developments on the web. I should also mention that I'm trying to write more frequently but keep failing... Sorry about that.

The list below contains posts from the Blog section and the Lab section.


Even though most of the time I'm busy working for the NOS, I still like to work on an occasional side-project every once in a while. Some of these projects can be found on Github. Here's a small list of things I'm working on:

  • Firefox OS App (in progress for a while)
  • Cookiemanager in JS (planned)

Still want to know more? You should probaply check the About page, where you'll also find some of my portfolio.

Got an interesting project in need of Front End Developement that should be added to the list above? I'm always up for a challenge, so don't be afraid to contact me!