05 Nov 2012

In a previous post I explained the creation of Even though I finished the theme about a year ago, I kept making little changes to it. After a while I realised that I spent too much time on developing the blog, instead of  creating more content. That's why I decided to start over and use the Antistar theme and leave the development for what it is. I think the Antistar theme is a great theme! First of all: it's responsive, so it should work just fine on most devices. The source is hosted on Github and actively supported by it's creators. I filed a tiny bug and it was resolved in less than a day! In addition, I've forked the project and made some tiny changes to it: added Google Analytics and some social tags for Facebook, Twitter and Windows 8. The forked project can be found here. See what I mean? Here I go again making changes to the theme... So from now on I'll be updating this blog more regularly with CONTENT instead of making changes to it's appearance. The Lab section will be containing some experiments and concepts, most likely focusing on frontend development. The Blog section will contain blogposts simular to this post, covering experiences I've had and updates on my life as a frontend web developer. The last part of this renewed website is the Mini Blog on the frontpage, which covers updates in a tweet-like way. So hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly from now on. You can always send me a tweet to make sure I keep my word!