Alfred workflows

19 Mar 2013

Last week Alfred version 2 was released and it got me really excited! I've been using Alfred (v1) for half a year and was waiting for this new release so I could buy the Powerpack. After a few days of actual use, I can recommend the Powerpack to everyone! Especially the additional workflows turn Alfred into a very powerful tool. I searched the Alfred forum for a couple of useful workflows and collected a few of them. After a while I found a workflow which allowed me to open files in Sublime Text (which I use on a very daily basis) by selecting the files in Finder and typing a specific hotkey ("subl"). Even though this workflow could prove to be quite useful, I was looking for an easier way. Most of the time I open a folder with Sublime and search through the folder with the powerful Sublime search (cmd + p). All the projects have a logical name so I just wanted to open a folder straight from Alfred, without using Finder. So I created a brand new Workflow, based upon a few others, which allows you to type the name of a folder you would like to open with Sublime. Simply typing "subl" + foldername will search for folders with the specified name, as you can see in the screenshot below.


Opening folders with Sublime Text was just a start. I created three more workflows that make it easier to open files/folders with a specific application. Just like the "Open with Sublime" workflow, I created a "Open in terminal" version (hotkey "term" + foldername).

Adobe Photoshop is another application I use on a daily basis but, unlike the project folder names, the .psd files do not have a consistent/logical name. Therefor I'll have to look up the files in Finder anyway, so the selection + hotkey works fine for this application. Typing "ps" while selecting file(s) in Finder will open those files in Adobe Photoshop. I also created this workflow for Adobe Illustrator (hotkey: "il").

All the workflows are available on Github, together with some other workflows I discovered. The Spotify Controls, Wifi toggle, Password Generator and the VirtualBox Control have already proved to be quite useful! Take a look at my current collection on Github.