New year, new website!

03 Jan 2014

I started working on a new website one week before the new year, hoping to finish it on the 1st of january. Today, just two days later than planned, I'm launching it!

What has changed?

The previous version of this site, was build using wordpress. Wordpress has been my CMS of choice since I started this website. I've build quite some websites using Wordpress mainly because it's easy to maintain, has a great (self-explanatory) admin and the enormous amount of plugins available. This website only has one admin-user (me!) and doesn't really require any plugins at all.

So the current page you are looking at, is created with Jekyll. Serving only static files making it faster and it requires no PHP or other backend code to run, which made things a little easier for me since my backend skills are limited.

Of course the website is completely responsive, flat, uses a mobile first approach and is now completely built with HTML5!

So what's next?

I won't make any promises about regular blog posts, as I just tend to forget about it or simply don't have enough time. I'll give it another shot, but there's no garantee. Most of the time when I run into something interesting I post it on Twitter, so that's perhaps a better place to stay up-to-date.
The first thing on my todo list is migrating all the posts from the previous Wordpress website to the current Jekyll version. I've migrated the content but it needs some optimizing. The second todo is the About page which definitely needs a more 2014 look. The third thing, might be a roundup of the Firefox OS app I've been working on. That should be enough to keep me busy for a while.

In case you had not noticed the footer yet, there's a couple of easter eggs hidden in the new site. Good luck finding them ;)