About Alex Meijer

Well, what's to know about Alex?
All the boring stuff can be found right here, but I'll soon turn this page into something special. Maybe add some Parallax, more images, css animations, buzzwords etc. Anyway, until then the following text will have to do:

It was the year 1999, just before the new millenium that I had my very first web development experience! Well, not really development, but let’s say I managed to create a very simple HTML page (no CSS) and enhanced it with a couple of images. It was only a few years later, during highschool, when my fascination for the web started to grow. As a part of my exams, I created a simple web application/tool (fully Javascript based) that created random Algebra formulas which had to be solved by the user (in this case: my fellow students).

After highschool I went to the University of Leiden to study Information Science. This turned out to be a bad choice, but fortunately it also led me to another study. I enrolled for Mediatechnology (Graphic Mediatechnology at that time) at the Hogeschool of Rotterdam and successfully graduated four years later in the summer of 2012. During these four years I did two internships of six months each.

The first internship was at Label A in Rotterdam. I’ve worked on several big projects, which include Snipper & Airport. I was also part of the team that created the 2011 version of the Label A website.

The second internship I did, which was part of my graduation, was at Kega in Sassenheim. I wrote my thesis on webshop development with a specific focus on Mobile users. In the meanwhile I was also part of the development team, working on a couple of (inter)national webshops.

I currently work at the NOS in Hilversum as a frontend developer. I’ll try and keep you posted on what we’re working on in some blog posts ;)


I've created an online version of my Résumé. There's also a Dutch version available.

Both versions are print-ready! Instructions how to save and/or print the documents are provided at the bottom of the résumé.


As I've mentioned before, contact details can be found in the footer of almost every page!