The OneNightDev series

03 May 2013

From now on I'll be adding the OneNightDev tag to some of my posts! This was part of the Wordpress content. It is no longer supported, sorry!

What is the OneNightDev series?

The OneNightDev series is a collection of posts, containing demo's and experiments created in a single night. Every time I want to try out a new or existing technique I come up with a simple experiment. Most of these experiments come to life in a single night of development. Not all experiments are great but at least they were fun to work on. Looking back at my previous posts, I noticed a few of them are already part of the OneNightDev series. Each of these demo's & experiments have been created in a single night. Like the CSS Masks, the Animated letters (I'll admit this one was during a train ride, not a night) and the Retina CSS Graphics. So from now on, i'll try and share as many of my experiments as I can. I've done quiet a few experiments without blogging about it because I didn't think they were interesting enough to share. The web development community shares almost anything they discover/come up with, whether interesting or not, and I'll try to live up to that spirit as well. I've promised more blogposts quite a few times, and i won't promise it again because I know now that I can not live up to that promise. But I can promise you this: every time I create a new demo or experiment, I will blog about it. It's better than no post at all! Cheers!